Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentine Cupcakes

One of life's many contradictions, I refuse to celebrate Valentine's day, yet this year found me making a batch of time and love intensive cupcakes.  Hmmmm, go figure. 

Whilst I am entirely an un-romantic soul, probably upsetting other people frequently with my tirades against valentine's day, I did have fun making these. 

I was asked to make them by a lady that I work with, who unlike me is not a git about V day.

The large cakes are a red velvet cupcake (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) which seemed to suit the occassion perfectly with that lovely rich romantic colouring. 

These were then topped with cream cheese icing, and nice big, rather heavy chocolate love hearts.   I made these myself from white chocolate which I coloured.  I then hand moulded each one separately.

The finishing touches were to then sprinkle a few little sugar love hearts around and about over each one.  6 large red velvet in total, in red foil cases. Perfect.

I also made chocolate roses out of the same colour dyed white chocolate, which I placed on top of vanilla, smaller cupcakes, which had a swirl of marshmallow icing on top. 

 The third and final cake type, was a chocolate sponge which I piped high and swirly marshmallow icing over, then sprinkled again with the sugar love hearts.  

I think the three sets together made a lovely selection that would melt any romatic heart! 

And, I rather enjoyed myself!  Maybe next year I will allow valentine's Day into my house .... but just for the cake!

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