Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Sweetest Sushi

Well I like the normal sort of sushi as it is, but make it out of cake, phew LOVE IT!

My friend Ian is rather keen on his sushi also, so when his birthday this year came about, sushi shaped cake it had to be!
 I took a large rectangular shaped vanilla sponge, and cut out circles using espresso cups (I should probably get a wider range of cutters, but oh well, I am nothing if not resourceful!).

I used a cupcake corer to take a chunk out of the middle of each cake piece, then started to decorate each of my pieces of sushi.

I mixed icing sugar with a little water, keeping it quite thick, and poured this over the top to cover the cake pieces, with a little down the sides also.  I then wrapped around green fondant, which stuck to the icing on the sides.  I then coated the tops with white sanding sugar to give it a more grainy, rice like effect, dessicated coconut would also work well for this.  Then filled in the cores with the sushi centres...

The "roe" are just orange chocolate beans, and the sliced coloured bits in the other sushi, were made from thinly sliced strawberries, kiwi and dried mango.  I chose these as they represented a nice range of colours, and because they are just super tasty!

I then plated up the sushi, and the finishing decorative touches were some green buttercream to look like wasabi, and some very finely sliced crystalised ginger, for a sweet version of pickled ginger.  I left out the soy sauce, though I'm sure a little jug of treacle, or molasses would have been perfect. 

Ta-da!  Lovely little sweet sushi rolls

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