Thursday, 3 May 2012

Happy Meal

I really can't take any of the creative credit for these!  I saw them on Bakerella's website and it was a case of, I saw and I had to make! 

These are just the cutest little happy meals, and boy did they make everybody in my office happy.

The burger buns are made up of halved vanilla cupcakes, with super gooey chocolate brownie burger patties, and icing piped on to make some very sugary ketchup and lettuce replacements.

A few sesame seeds sprinkled on the top of each bun, added the perfect touch.

The chips were a sugar biscuit dough, which I rolled out and cut into thin strips and coated in granulated sugar, before baking for 7 minutes at 190 c.  

I quickly learned that the difference between baking for 7 minutes and 8 minutes, was golden cookie to dark brown overdone cookie!

The strips I cut spread out too much, and I decided to cut them in half length ways again to get a thinner french fry shape.  This has to be done VERY QUICKLY after removing from the oven though, otherwise they got very solid very quickly, and I just ended up with shattered biscuit flying over my carpet!

For a full set of instructions on how to make these tasty meals, and for a pdf download of the print outs requried to make the paper containers in which I put them, visit Bakerella's Fast Food Fun page.  
The only real stray from the instructions I made was that I baked all my bits from scratch, unlike Bakerella, who followed the fast food theme, and used packet mixes.  I also took out the extra layer of icing for "mustard", as mine looked a little like ungainly sky scrapers already, and I feared them falling over with any more height! 

Many thanks for the inspiration Bakerella!  I loved making these.
I am looking forward to a new goody baking challenge, I just need a new theme or idea to start from .... hmmm

Thanks for reading, until next time! 

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