Monday, 28 May 2012

Zesty Citrus Layered Cake

Another birthday ... another cake.

One of the girl's at work today.  Sadly, my weekend was a tad on the hectic side, so it was a less extravagant affair than the usual.  But never a boring cake!

I made it as beachy as I could, with some yellow sugar crystals for sand, and starfish shaped sweets on top, to make it a little more appealing to the eye, and slightly themed. 

10 minutes after it was brought out it looked like this ....

This was three tiers, top and bottom were orange flavour, and the middle was lemon, all sandwhiced together with some apricot jam.

I made up a batch of buttercream icing, which was flavoured with fresh orange and lemon juices, and spread on thick.

I was told it was very tasty! So hooray for another cake success

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