Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas has been and gone, and I've only just got around to a new post!

Well Christmas may have been a couple of weeks ago now, and I may have been somewhat useless, but I will now, finally get around to posting my christmas baking experiments!
I made christmas cupcakes for all of my family.  I started off experimenting with four sets of cupcake flavour:
Gingerbread cupcake with spiced buttercream icing
Orange and Cranberry cupcake with port and cranberry buttercream icing
Port and chocolate cupcake with chocolate marshmallow icing
Candy cane cupcake (vanilla sponge, died half red, and swirled together) with whipped cream on top.

After initial experimentation I decided to select two of the christmas themed flavours, to bake for christmas.
After a short stint as the Christmas cupcake fairy at work, I concluded that the two favourite flavours, were the gingerbread and spice, and the cranberry and orange.  

For the second round I added some toppers, of gingerbread christmas trees, and white chocolate snowflakes.  I also changed the icing's on both slightly.  

The finished products created a very pleasant display on christmas day, with plenty of cakes for all.  Gingerbread cupcakes with spiced cream cheese icing, and cranberry and orange with buck's fizz floavour buttercream.  

Mmmmm that's a lot of cake! 

If anyone is interested in any of the recipes used etc, please feel free to comment below.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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