Friday, 10 February 2012

One very curvy lady

My latest designer baking project was a requested theme of "hot women" .... Oh where to start with that.   

I thought around all sorts of possibilities, maybe a vegas dancing girl, a pair of boobs, all sorts!  But this was also a cake that was to be given at work, which did narrow the scope to at least something which wasn't too outrageous... not completely sure I was successful.

I thought a bikini gril should cover that theme nicely and so I set to work baking away last night and made a half chocolate and mars bar, half vanilla cake bikini girl.

I must say that carving boobs from cake was a new experience!  Only outdone perhaps by the rubbing and smoothing over them with fondant icing shortly after.  An interesting new experience to put it one way!  

All in all a well received cake, and a good new challenge.   I have been googling away and youtubing some how to guides, and I'm progressing slowly towards better decorated cakes.  I used a new recipe for the fondant for this cake and I have to say it was much easier to work with than my previous one!  

Fingers crossed, and here's to continuing to better my decorating efforts!  (I know my co-workers will be pleased at this idea, since they get to eat all off-cuts, botched bits, and anything else left over that still tastes good!)

Thanks for reading!  It's a busy couple of weeks for cakes, so I should have quite a few new posts up and coming, keep an eye out!   

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