Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mad Hatter Cake

Though I say it myself I think I have done myself proud here!  I really enjoyed making this cake!  I used some help from a fantastic guide on the Deliciously Decadent flickr page 
( at http://www.flickr.com/photos/deliciously_decadent/sets/72157616259103302/with/3406968002/)
to guide me through the process of how to get the right shape of this cake, and then I had a whale of a time decorating it!  

The topper is a really rather cheap fabric flower which I picked up in a shop, and boy did I then struggle to fin feathers to add to the top!  I wanted feathers large enough to decorate, and do the cake justice, so I had to settle for glue-guning several much smaller feathers onto a length of florists wire.  When I bought the flower it was glitter free, so I decided to get out the glitter glue (like the child at heart that I am) and bedazzle it a little!

For the fondant covering I used a fantastic recipe, and tips guide from the Baking Pan
substituting the gelatin for vege-gel (as I am vegetarian) and added some purple colour paste to one half of the fondant and added black food dye to the other half, as well as a large amount more icing sugar when the liquid made it far too sticky!

It was my friends birthday, and she loves purple and black, and therefore I think she rather liked her cake!  

I can't wait to get baking some more and experimenting more with the fondant icing!  As they say, practice makes perfect! 

Thanks for reading! 

Bye, bye for now from this baker.

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