Thursday, 20 September 2012

Princess Cupcakes

Oh dear I am getting a bit behind!  I made these about a month or so ago for my boyfriend's, brother's girlfriend (phew!) for her birthday.

I stumbled across these brilliant cupcake wrappers when I was having a bit of a pinterest day, on Food Art Party Blog, along with instructions on how to get them the right size etc. and they were just the perfect thing for her.

Sooo, I started out by making some chocolate truffle centred cupcakes. Mmmmmmm chocolate.  I used a recipe from the Waitrose website which I have used previously
Waitrose chocolate truffle filled cupcake recipe click here!

Having baked, then printed up, and spent a considerable amount of time cutting out, the cupcake wrappers, I put the two together.

I decorated all cupcakes with some very thick white chocolate fudge icing, which I dyed a lovely princess pink (see my post X-box 360 cake for the recipe for my white chocolate fudge icing).  Which I piped into rosettes on top of the cakes (there are loads of youtube video tutorials available to help you do this if you are fancying doing something different).  This is kind of, my current favourite thing to practice!

I added white sanding sugar and sugar pearls to the cakes wrapped with the pink princess wrappers, and pink sanding sugar and pearls to the cakes in the purple and pink swirly cupcake wrappers.

Ta da, gives them a little extra something, without overdoing it I think. 

Then of course out came the trusty cupcake stand for presentation. 

They were very well received and very fun to make, without being too tricky.  Though the crown shaped wrappers did have me in quite a frustrated state as I tried to ever so carefully manoeuvre around them!

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